Fatherless Like Me is the first of a three part book series about a little girl from Brooklyn named Skylar, who is growing up without her dad. This is a colorful tale of one little girl's struggle to deal with the pain and sadness of not having her dad

in her life. Skylar is a fun-loving kid who enjoys riding her rip stick and hanging out with her buddy Monty

and her stuffed animal Ms. Sophie. Skylar has everything except the one thing she wants and needs the most, her dad. Growing up without dad is tough, but Skylar finds her way with the help of a very special friend.

A wild adventure teaches Skylar an important lesson about faith and her future. Skylar shares all the things she's learned along the way with her readers with the hope of connecting with other fatherless children who maybe going through the same thing.


"Fatherless Like Me is a creative and authentic literary work of hope and inspiration for every child who doesn’t have kinship, bond, contact, or a meaningful relationship with their father.

At a time when many of our children are being raised in single parent households, this is a powerful story that delivers comfort and encouragement to children who struggle with the realities of missing their dads.”

-Bridget Isaac, Ed.D. - School Administrator

What Parents Need To Know About This Book

Parents need to know that, overall, this story is told from a child's point of view. A bold and brilliant heart-felt example of life as a fatherless child. Amusing and entertaining with cartoon characters that will keep kids excited as they learn some valuable life lessons.


Tonia and Skylar Grady

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Category: Inspirational

Authors: Mother & Daughter -

Tonia & Skylar Grady

Book Type: Soft cover

# of pages: 28

Ages: K- 6th Grade

List price: $9.95